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Take A Second To Connect Within And Your Heart Will Sing

Welcome to Cosmic Coburn, run by Author, writer and poet Janessa  (Co.burn). Cosmic Coburn is a safe place where everyone is welcome. Tap into healing techniques and resources for the mind, body and, soul. Check out our Blog Page for more! 

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Janessa Cockburn is a 23-year-old Afro-Caribbean Author, writer and poet from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. From an early age, she has had an affinity for writing and has used it as a safe and cathartic outlet to release her thoughts. In 2015, Janessa originally began writing ‘Eye Bloom’ while in university as a diary entry, which has now transformed into an inspired collection. With her work, she hopes to share her experiences and words as a medium to encourage and motivate young women.

Her areas of healing she focuses on is Sound Therapy with Nepalese handcrafted sound bowls, Meditation, Healing through nature and art.

Offering healing meditation videos, infused with her love of sound therapy and positive self-affirmations. Aiming to help reprogram our mind and body into a healthy state of balance. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact with questions, business inquiries and more!

Keep Up With Me On Instagram: @co.burn

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Heart Chakra Sound Bath

Sit Back and allow the healing frequencies of these ancient singing bowls to flow through you. As your mind becomes relaxed take a deep breath and release all of the heaviness from your day


For more information on the benefits of Sound Therapy check out my blog post "The Magic of Sound - Exploring Healing Through the Magic of Sound"

*Best Enjoyed With Headphones*

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